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R4 Cards

R4 Cards

If all you use your Nintendo DS for is playing games then you are seriously missing out. There is a brand new gadget on the market that could change the way you use your DS forever. The R4 cards allows you to change your DS into an entertainment system. If you purchase one of these cards then your DS will be able to listen to music, watch moves and read e-books as well as continue playing your DS games. It has been known amongst gamers for some time and is now leaking out to the general market which are snapping it up as soon as it comes on the shelves.

R4 DS Card by www.r4ds.com

The R4 DS Card was the most popular Nintendo DS card on the market at before. It has been available for quite some time now and it is still one of the favourites available today. The R4 DS card does all our would want to be able to play music and watch videos on our DS. The limitations with this card are that it does not accept memory cards with capacities bigger than 2GB as this device is not SDHC compatible. However 2GB is more than enough space for most people. The other limitation is that this card is NOT compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi game co



R4 SDHC by www.r4i-sdhc.com

The R4 SDHC Card is a modified version of the R4 DS. All its functions are very similar to the R4 DS except with one crucial difference: It is able to accept MicroSDHC cards and can take up to 32GB of memory. Although slightly slower than the R4 DS, the bootup time for the R4 SDHC is still pretty fast. It is not the ‘original’ R4DS adapter, but is made by some others development team.

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