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Four of the Best Address Verification Lookup APIs

A is critical to the success of an e-commerce platform. Companies must deliver their products to a large number of addresses on a daily basis. Mailing mailers to the wrong address can increase the cost of delivering your products and decrease returns. Address verification lookup API services help e-commerce businesses avoid these problems. Let’s look at four popular : Google Place Autocomplete, Experians, PostGrad, and BytePlants.

Google Place Autocomplete

If you’re building an address verification lookup application, Google’s Place Autocomplete API can help you. The autocomplete service monitors input fields, and attaches results to that field. You can specify the type collection to return to, or you can return all types. The PlaceResult property specifies the types of data returned by the API. The following tables detail the different types of data. Use these options to customize your address verification lookup application.

The best address verification lookup API should be compatible with Google’s Place Autocomplete product. This feature auto-suggests addresses in over 245 countries. You don’t have to train the API to interpret them, since Google is a volunteer organization. However, there are some differences between the Place Autocomplete API and Global Address Complete. Google’s API uses the Places library, which is available through the Maps Javascript API. This API is different from Global Address Complete, which uses a different type of data for every address.


The Experians address validation API enables businesses to validate addresses without disrupting their current workflow. By integrating the API with an existing web application, businesses can validate addresses in real time and prevent data discrepancies. The API is flexible, and allows users to customize their address validation. Users can validate address information without disrupting existing workflows or customer experiences. The Experians address validation API also enables businesses to enrich data through other means.

You can choose between three scenarios based on your needs. The most appropriate scenario for your business is based on the amount of data you need to validate addresses, and you can add functionality as needed. The Experians address verification API is compatible with many countries. You can also access the API and license information on the Experians self-service portal. Ensure the validation process is running smoothly by enabling Experians’s Address Validation Advanced Feature.


If you’re looking for a fast and accurate address verification lookup API that costs less than Google, you’ve found it. PostGrad’s address validation API uses CASS and SERP-verified addresses, ensuring the accuracy of each address you submit. With non-CASS compliant APIs, the input addresses may be changed or incorrect, compromising the validity of the data. PostGrad’s solutions are designed to validate a high volume of addresses quickly and efficiently.

PostGrad’s address validation API uses the USPS database and trusted sources to produce results. It then returns a DPV code that indicates whether or not the address is perfectly deliverable or if it needs to be corrected. It will not return ambiguous results, which makes it ideal for companies that have millions of addresses to verify. The PostGrad address validation API will get you a list of the addresses in your database in no time.


BytePlants is a privately held company that primarily provides email security and management solutions. The company was founded in 2003, but has since expanded its offering with new software products such as its Address Validator Online API. BytePlants is an address verification service that lets you validate email addresses in seconds, and can be integrated into a website, app, or CRM. BytePlants is a member of the independent software vendor (ISV) community, and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

While USPS addresses are widely available, they are not standardized. This makes it difficult to merge data and check many addresses at once. Another drawback of using a free API is the lack of documentation. However, the company’s developers provide sample code that you can use to verify addresses in a few hours. BytePlants’s address verification lookup API is available in JavaScript, Python, C#, iOS, and Android.


Whether your shipping needs are small or large, ShippersHQ can help. Our address verification API works with USPS, UPS, and FedEx carriers. ShippersHQ also offers a pick up location feature so your customers can schedule pick-ups. Dimensional shipping rates are calculated automatically based on your eCommerce store’s product dimensions. You can also define specific boxes for each carrier to maximize shipping costs.

The best part about using ShippersHQ’s address validation API is that it includes all the elements of address validation in one place. It also supports automatic address type lookup and address suggestion. This feature minimizes charges incurred by customers due to invalid addressing. It also provides a comprehensive overview of all valid addresses. For Magento 2 users, AutoComplete is available with a dropdown list of valid addresses.

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